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Dream Eater - Ch. 1 - "How Many Pixels in a Double Rainbow?"

Title: Dream Eater
Chapter: 1/? "How Many Pixels in a Double Rainbow?"
Rating: G
Notes: I thought I'd distract you guys with some writing before I got back to Japan Trip entries... This is the first chapter I wrote of my Dream Eater series for Writers' Club. It's unbeta'd, full of crack and the main character doesn't even have a name... Well, I do hope you'll enjoy it anyway. Excuse the Double Rainbow references. I obviously didn't have proper inspiration at the time of writing this...
I'll be posting the next chapter soon. It's much better, I promise! ^^;;


It was dark. I opened my eyes only to find it even darker. Darker than the darkest shade of black I could imagine. I shut my eyes again, feeling somehow safer. ‘Where am I?’ I thought, the words hollowly echoing in my head. Suddenly I was falling, like the ground beneath me had opened up and dropped me below. I didn’t scream or flail; I was unusually calm, and it perplexed me. I fell and fell into nothingness, until it didn’t even feel like I was falling anymore. I slowly opened my eyes and was surprised to find it blindingly white. The sudden change of light left my head spinning. I squinted my eyes to ease the burning. As my eyes adjusted, I noticed a long gray shadow floating above me. No, not a shadow… it was… a boy? He was staring directly at me, and was no more than two feet above me. The boy looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him. His expression was unreadable, but his eyes seemed to pierce through my own. I blinked a few times in confusion, furrowed my eyebrows, and opened my mouth to speak. As I was about to ask who he was, he grabbed my wrist and shot off.

It was as if we were flying. I couldn’t feel gravity, and I couldn’t see how fast we were moving due to our pure white surroundings. The only reason I knew we were moving fast was the silent wind that blew past us, ruffling our clothes and hair. I brushed a tousled lock out of my face and looked at the mysterious boy dragging me along. His clothing was unusual. His black attire contrasted heavily against our white background. It consisted of a long jacket that blew in the wind, revealing a skin-tight, zippered shirt, and jet black skinny jeans decorated in a series of chains, cloth ribbons and buttons. But it wasn’t the unusualness of this clothing that struck me; it was the way his clothing blew in the wind. The tips of cloth from his jacket blurred at the edges in a peculiar way, disappearing into what looked like… pixels? “Hey!” I called. “Wh-! “Just then, a large block of ‘red…pixel?!’ passed by us. Faster and faster, more colors whirred past us. “Oh my God…” I trailed off as the spectrums filled my eyes. Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to take the visual stimulation anymore, we stopped. The boy turned around, and I noticed the silver splash of hair hanging over his eye in contrast to the rest of his black attire, including his hair. He seemed calm, and I felt overwhelmed. I looked around at our new surroundings. Everything was just “So bright… so vivid…” I swear I could see the look of pure surprise on the mystery boy’s face, as everything faded to white.

“Ughh,” I groaned, turning over in my bed to hide from the bright light coming from the lamp above my head. Since I never woke up to my alarm, the only other way to wake me up was to blind we with light every morning. “Thanks, Ma.” I said groggily.

I went to school, and it was the same as it always ways. Same dumb couples making out in the halls. Same stupid teachers ranting about their personal lives. Same crowded hallways. Same mystery boy staring at me. ‘Wait, what?!’ I froze, staring back at him but… his hair was brown instead of black, now blonde in place of his silver streak. He held my gaze for another moment, then turned away and disappeared into the crowd. “Wait!” I called, moving to follow him. “You! Wait! I saw you! I saw you in my-“ I stopped myself. ‘I’d sound like I’m crazy! That might not even be the same guy!... Ugh! What does this mean?’
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