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Time to make Toma friends!

At the moment: Obsessing over Toma... AGAIN

About to: Watch Toma's Yomino Kimyou na Monogatari

Today's thoughts: "LJ is such a great site to be on. I've met so many Toma fans already."
Because seriously, there are like NO Toma fans at school. There are just a lot of "Hey! That's the guy from Hana Kimi. What's his name? Na...Nakatsu?" And I just say "HIS NAME IS TOMA だよ!!"

"I got my Toma collage up"
It looks great. I'll take pictures of it soon and post it up.

"I finished Cat in the Red Boots last night!"
Toma was God-like. I can't get enough of him. His character was perfect for him, or at least he was an amazing actor. I could watch him swordfight allll night looong! すばらしかった、斗真くん!

”Just be glad I'm not one of those "OMG I'M GONNA MARRY TOMA AND BEAR HIS CHILDREN" types."
Seriously. I can't stand those people. I'm not interested in marrying any celebs. I don't even day-dream about that. It kinda freaks me out. Toma is my idol, not my fantasy.

Video of the day:
Just in time for Christmas. I guess. I'm busy with parties the next few days, so I'm giving this to you guys early. メりクリスマス!

I realized in the video I posted the other day (3TOPS doing the children's medley) Toma doesn't actually disappear after he gets on the tricycle. He goes into the stands behind the stage and sings among all the fans there. And THAT is why there is screaming. :D

Picture of the day:
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