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Arashi for CHRISTMAS?!

Hey guyssssss.
My mom gave me ARASHI stuff for Christmas today! (I'm sure she would've given me Toma stuff, but there is like NOTHING on Ebay. And she wouldn't know where else to look.)

Aug 2000 Wink Up back-issue, 2010 desk calender, 2007 Final Summer Tour DVD

Here's the desk calender! I really want a full length calender of Arashi (Or even better: TOMA!) But I don't know where to get one for cheap...

Their most recent tour on DVD. Says my mom.

SQUEEEE!!!! Everybody is so adorable and dorky! xD
My mom told me she got me this issue, because this makes Arashi, and Toma, my age. C:

I'll take some pictures of the pages inside when I get a chance.
Toma looks SO ADORABLE!

Ah! And here's the Toma collage I promised. I could've done more on it, but I had to get it done before my party. xD
Pikachu on Toma's armpit? LOLWUT?

Also, I just watched the 'Making of' for Cat in the Red Boots (Since I hadn't found the time earlier this week to watch it)... It was just as enjoyable to watch as the entire stageplay! They even celebrated Toma's 22nd Birthday during one of their shows (poor Marika...) I can't believe Toma's 25 now. At least he's still really cute! :D
If you haven't watched Cat in the Red Boots, then you MUST! NOW!!! It's subbed by Baka no Sekai fansubs! :DDD
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