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The beginning of an addiction...

((Just a note before I start: I'm going to stop posting direct links to videos. You'll have to copy and paste the link yourselves. I just don't want these lovely videos to get deleted or anything. You guys know how YouTube's been lately...))

Since people asked about my Toma addiction, I thought I'd do an entry on it! Yhey! (This will probably be long...)

Maybe I should start from the very beginning...
I've always been a fan of manga.
I had gotten a subscription for Animerica magazine as a present. But I never actually received any of the issues because they stopped making 'em. I started to get Shojo Beat instead, and I instantly fell in love with it! Absolute Boyfriend was one of my favorites, since I was already a fan of Yuu Watase. That's one of the few mangas I've read that I enjoyed from start to finish.
Anyway. I had not yet been introduced to the world of JDramas yet. People had always been recommending to me, but I was so addicted to manga and anime that I didn't really pay attention to my friends. Actually. A friend of mine told me to look at the site since there was anime on there.

So according to my diary (Pfft, yeah, I had to look in that old thing) I noticed there were JDramas on Instantz. On July 15, 2008, I started watching Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend). Of course I loved it, even though it was different from the manga. Soshi was my favorite character in the manga, and he also became my favorite in the drama. He was played by Mizushima Hiro. My first Japanese idol.
(I'd rather not go into too much detail, but Mizushima was the reason I started liking one of my ex-boyfriends. I thought this boy in my class looked like him: long hair, tall, skinny, and mysteriously hot. I went out with that guy for two weeks before he dumped me. It was then I decided it was safer to have crushes on Japanese actors. xD)

*skims through diary* Wow... Well... Apparently I didn't watch anything immediately after Zettai Kareshi. Or at least I didn't write about it.
So it wasn't until I guess April 4, 2009 that I started watching Hana Kimi. It was recommended to me, had high ratings on Mysoju, and Mizushima was in it! And yeah, I instantly fell in love with Toma. My diary has "ORE WA HOMO JANAI!!" written in big letters on this page. Haha. So by the end of the series, I thought Hana Kimi was the best thing ever. I started looking up videos on YouTube. Then I started specifically searching for Ikuta Toma (And yes, I looked up his REAL name early in the series, so he was already TOMA to me, not NAKATSU.)
This is the first video I found of him singing:
"WHAT?! TOMA SINGS?!" I'm sure we've all experienced this sometime in our Toma fangirl lives... And this is embarrassing to admit, but I thought he was YamaPi at first because of the dyed hair. xDDD
But of course I figured it out as I watched more and more videos. And then I discovered Johnny's Entertainment. (Yeah. I am no longer pure. xD Inside joke, I guess) It was then I started to wonder why Toma never debuted. But part of me is happy he didn't, because then he probably wouldn't have been in all the stageplays he's done. And he'd be too busy touring to shoot movies and dramas!
I became a TomaPi fan. And a 4TOPS/3TOPS fan. Probably from adorable videos of them from way back when... Like this one:
Ah, this is also when I discovered Tomalicious. One of the best subbing sites ever! xD

I also met one of my now best friends at school through Jdrama talk. It gets boring complaining about Japanese teachers, so why not talk about Japanese things?! I eventually asked him what JDrama I should watch. And he told me Maou, since he knew I was a big Toma fan. He also said Ohno from Arashi was in it too. But at the time, I didn't really know Arashi. 

((Haha, my diary entry says "Oh no! It's Ohno! Maou is a pretty good so far. Suspense/mystery dramas aren't my favorite, so I probably don't like it as much as I should. Daddy just gave me french fries! LOL!")) xD And don't worry, the way the drama tied up on the last ep., of course it was pretty wicked. I told my brother to watch it, so hopefully I'll get to watch it again with him! Yhey!

After Maou, my friend told me to watch Hana Yori Dango, since it had MatsuJun from Arashi (This friend also got me addicted to Arashi). After Hana Yori Dango, OHHHH MY GAHHHH Arashi was the next best thing after Toma. But I won't get into that. If you were wondering, I actually liked MatsuJun first, but now Ohno's my favorite. Then Aiba. MatsuJun went to the bottom of the list because I don't like his nasally singing... Sorry, but I can't seem to figure out why everybody loves Nino either...)

Hm. So pretty much since then I've been spending entire days searching for Toma or Arashi videos. Each time I find a new video or show, my love just grows, if you know what I mean. Watching videos of Toma is one of the only things that keeps me going nowadays. School is very stressful for me, so whenever I get a free moment from working it's always nice to watch some Toma!

If I can remember more stuff about how I got addicted to Johnny's Crack (xD), I'll add it to another entry.
And if you read all of this, thanks. I also invite you to write about how you got hooked to Toma! (Or any other JE member)
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