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My search for Ningen Shikakku! Help?

I did end up going to JapanTown today. Apparently my brother wanted to each lunch there before he had to leave again. And I thought "Great! I can go look for the Toma version of Ningen Shikakku!"
So we ate lunch first. I had tempura, since that's what I always eat. My mom had okonomiyaki, since she saw Toma and Maki eating it in Hana Kimi (what a great reason, huh? xD)
At the bookstore, I purposely stayed away from the Japanese magazines. I know January issues are out, and I'd rather buy them with my friend so I don't feel so guilty. Ha.

I was able to find the English version of Ningen Shikakku, so I'm planning to ask for that for my birthday. (Which is February 1st. Coming up fast. O: )
I wandered off to the Japanese section, with no clue where I was going. All the signs were in Kanji, and I fail when it comes to Kanji. There were SO many shelves, and I was trying to match the author's name and the book title to the Kanji I had copied down from the internet.
My mom started to help, but she knows absolutely no Japanese. She kept pointing out the wrong books. And she kept talking REALLY loud. Way to tell the whole bookstore how crappy my Japanese is. I was so embarrassed. I'm sure we looked stupid wandering around the Japanese section. I sure felt stupid, anyway. My mom said I should go ask for help, so I did. I asked this man at the counter and he found the book REALLY FAST. It was about 2-3 shelves away from where my family and I had been searching. xD
So the guy points to the book, and I say "Okay, thanks," only to realize Toma's not on the cover! It must've been the original version. I didn't buy it. What would be the point? NO TOMA!

So. Anybody's who has ordered Toma versions of Osamu Dazai's books, can you give me links to where you bought them from? I REALLY want Ningen Shikakku. And I have a feeling the bookstore I went to won't have copies until closer to the movie release date or something.
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